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Our purpose is to get rid of the gap between real and digital aspects of every business we reach.
This is what we believe in, these are our values:

  • New Ideas - Always welcome!
  • Knowledge - We are passionated about it!
  • Have Fun - We have fun and love what we do
  • Conscience - We are conscious about the impact of what we do

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We work in high technology engineering: Mobile applications, Internet of Things, Modernization and Integration of software solutions

Mobile Applications

We work in mobile applications from their inception until their launch and maintenance. We are focused in iOS, Android, HTML5, and javascript

Modernization and Integration

We can help you to modernize your legacy application or integrate it with the state of the art in technology. We have experience with web services and technologies such as SOA and BPM

Internet of Things

We work in hardware automation and integration. We automate with microprocessors such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Cloud administration services

We can help you to migrate existing solutions into cloud services, or to start using them. We have experience working with Amazon Web Services AWS.

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If you are interested in our services and need more information, in this we have detailed each one with specific technologies or methodologies.

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